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Ongoing daily dental care

September 27, 2017

This week has seen the return of two of our patients who completed their treatment over 3 years ago, this got me thinking what had prompted them to return to us…….
Ongoing daily dental care, means not only brushing your teeth and looking after your gums, but also looking after the investment of the time and effort made when having your teeth straightened.

Luckily, advancements in Orthodontics has meant, that as time has moved on, Orthodontists and Dentists have realised how important it is for ongoing retention, to ensure your teeth stay straight. I had my orthodontic work completed when I was a teenager (many years ago!) and can honestly say I have no recollection of ever being given a retainer, so guess what, my teeth have moved!

Both .returning patients had been fitted with a fixed retainer and removable retainers, and both had been looking after their teeth, so had noticed that their fixed retainer needed some attention. Rather than just ignoring it, both contacted us and had the essential work done to ensure that their teeth remain straight.
We advise all of our patients that teeth move slowly throughout life in adaptation to changing facial muscle balances. Therefore, if you want your teeth to remain straight for life, you will need to wear your retainer for a maintaining amount. This may be twice a week, once a week or just once a fortnight. If your retainer is tight for longer than 5 minutes then you need to wear your retainers more frequently.

Are you looking after your investment??


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