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Team building Chessington World of Adventures 2017

July 20, 2017

Every year at Abbey we try and have a practice outing. Some may call it ‘team building’ but as we have all been here for over 14 years, apart from Sally, it’s really just an excuse for a lovely day out. These days usually involve going to the New Forest show, which we have all enjoyed in flip flops as well as wellies, we don’t mind. We have also been to Goodwood races on ladies’ day, so posh frocks and hats all round. It rained but the racing was exciting and people watching was brilliant. We have also been to Osbourne house on the IOW, which was beautiful, but sadly not for sale as with a few alterations we thought it would make a good Orthodontic surgery. Nothing is too good for our patients.
This year I decided we needed to do something bit different, well very different. I suggested we went to Chessington World of Adventures. The reason being I have worked here for 19 years and I know Liz loves theme parks but her husband not so much, and in that time I think she has only been once or twice. So as the rest of us like them too it seemed like a plan. My alternative was an all expenses trip to Disney but, strangely, Liz wasn’t so keen on that. So, we all agreed CWOA it was and the date was set, as soon as we had worked out the best day to go to avoid the crowds. – Nicola

On the day we were so lucky with the weather, it was glorious sunshine all day. Everyone was in good spirits, until that is we got to the first ride by the entrance gate, Dragons Fury. I had been on it a few times before, (my grandson loves it) and told everyone they would too. Liz wasn’t so sure but I persuaded her and the others it was what we had come for so let’s just do it. Well seems I can’t always be right, who knew, they all hated it, especially Liz, so I wasn’t allowed to forget that all day. On the plus side every other ride we went on was compared to that first one so it was all good. Our forward planning worked a treat as there were hardly any queues for the rides, so in some cases just kept going on them again and again. River rapids 4 times as someone kept trying to hide, no name of course, but when Liz said we were just going to keep doing it until we get the photo right she soon put her thumbs up and smiled. Sally, who had been on many actual team building days kept saying this is so much better than any other, for a start I didn’t have to help build the thing I am sitting on in the water.
So at the end of a fabulous day of fun in the sun, and many rides ridden, it was decided Cobra was the best, although Sally and I ran back to have one more go on Dragons Fury on the way out, just to be sure. They say ‘Growing old inevitable growing up optional’ seems with Abbey that’s about right. Now what about next year? – Nicola

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