Welcome to Abbey Orthodontic Centre 

At our beautiful Grade II listed, family-friendly practice, our caring team have been treating patients in and around Romsey for over 20 years. Our vision was to build a practice to provide clinically excellent orthodontic services in a welcoming and caring environment.

Our patients are always our first priority, and we make sure that they all find their dream smile.


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Invisalign clear aligners

A near-invisible solution to straightening your teeth with a series of aligners changed every few weeks to move your teeth into the right position

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Discreet ceramic braces

The new approach to fixed braces are Glam brackets which are made of a special ceramic material allowing the natural colour of the tooth to shine through.

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Classic fixed braces

All types of treatment are available from removable appliances to fixed (train tracks) and any combination of the two.

Meet the team

We provide advanced, trusted dental care which is delivered by our dedicated team in our modern practice.

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